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Founder's Inn | Virginia Beach, VA | June 8-12, 2011

2011 RoboBoat Results - Congratulations to everyone who participated!

1st Place - University of Rhode Island ($6,000)

2nd Place - University of Central Florida ($4,000)

3rd Place - Georgia Tech Aerospace Systems Lab ($3,000)

4th Place - Virginia Tech ($2,000)

5th Place - Stevens Institute ($1,000)

6th Place - Diponegoro University, Indonesia ($500)

7th Place - Georgia Tech Savannah Robotics ($500)

8th Place - United States Naval Academy

9th Place - National Cheng Kung University

10th Place - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

11th Place - Florida Atlantic University

12th Place - Cedarville University

13th Place - University of Michigan

14th Place - Villanova University

15th Place - Old Dominion University - Little Blue

View the final standings.

Additional Awards

University of Michigan: Edge of the Envelope for S&T Stretch ($500)

Stevens Institute: Rookie Best Performance ($500)

Cedarville University: Rookie Honorable Mention ($500)

Diponegoro: Innovation in Design and Cost Performance ($500)

U.S. Naval Academy: Professionalism ($500)

National Cheng Kung University: Best Paper ($500)


Cedarville University
Website | Journal Paper

Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Website | Journal Paper

Embry Riddle
Website | Journal Paper

Florida Atlantic University
Website | Journal Paper

Georgia Tech, Atlanta - Aerospace Systems Design Lab
Website | Journal Paper

Georgia Tech - Savannah Robotics
Website | Journal Paper

National Cheng Kung University
Website | Journal Paper

Old Dominion University - Little Blue
Website | Journal Paper

Stevens Institute of Technology
Website | Journal Paper

United States Naval Academy
Website | Journal Paper

University of Central Florida
Website | Journal Paper

University of Michigan - UM: Autonomy
Website | Journal Paper

University of Rhode Island - Ocean Engineering
Website | Journal Paper

Villanova University
Website | Journal Paper

Virginia Tech
Website | Journal Paper